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Board Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2014 7:30 pm

The Board of Trustees of the Village of Greeley held their regular meeting November 10, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Greeley Village Board Room. Members present were Bob Dutcher, Patty Swanson, Pat Donovan, Tony Wood and Sally Walsh. Chairperson Dutcher called the meeting to order, noted the Open Meeting poster on the wall and thanked everyone for coming.

Role Called: Present: Swanson, Walsh, Dutcher, Wood. Absent: Donovan.

Motion was made by Walsh and Seconded by Swanson to approve the minutes from last months meeting. Aye: All. Absent: Donovan. Motion Carried.

Donovan arrived at 7:32 p.m.

Lora Mousal, Greeley CH/AL Administrator, met with the Board and gave updates from the Care Home.

Bob Absalon, Maintenance Supervisor, met with the Board and gave maintenance updates.

The Board disucssed Region 26 Council Representative, none interested.

The Board discussed lot cleanups and unresolved nuisance hearing schedule.

Terry Wood arrived at 8:06 p.m. Discussion was held regarding water draininage onto his property. Jim Ely, Village Attorney advised not a Village matter.

Motion was made by Walsh and Seconded by Swanson to approve the following claims: Aye: All. Absent: None. Motion Carried.

Salaries $6284.12
EFTPS Payroll Tax $1710.60
Bob Absalon Emp. Ins $304.05
Kim Lyions Emp Ins $493.10
Jim Ely Legal Srvc $640.32
Ben Absalon Reimb. $197.88
Bob Absalon Cell Reimb $50.00
Bob Absalon Mileage $41.44
American Funds IRA $211.96
Chemsearch Supplies $633.67
Chief Industries Supplies $2696.67
Community Builders Supplies $500.55
Country Partners Supplies $695.21
Eakes Office Solutions Service $125.50
Frontier Service $228.79
Greeley Citizen Printing $120.66
Greeley County Clerk Fees $10.00
Greeley County Court Fees $48.00
Greeley County Sheriff Service $114.90
Greeley Postmaster Postage $98.00
Hawkins Supplies $423.65
HD Supply Supplies $808.41
Heartland Clerks Assoc. Dues $10.00
HGRPPD Service $4572.74
Lincoln Winwater Works Supplies $11875.32
Mid- Nebraska Disposal Service $2064.80
Municipal Supply Supplies $1875.22
Napa Auto Parts Supplies $166.72
NE Dept of Revenue Sales Tax $625.59
NE Dept of Revenue WH Tax $959.21
NE Municipal Clerks Assoc. Dues $15.00
NE Public Health Env. Labs Service $15.00
NE Rural Water Assoc. Dues $125.00
One Call Concepts Service $8.55
Quill Supplies $96.20
Servi-Tech Service $87.25
Source Gas Service $232.81
Topkote Service $18443.76
Ulrich Gravel Supplies $307.16
Visa Supplies $353.48

Motion was made by Wood and Seconded by Swanson to adjourn. Aye: All. Absent: None. Motion Carried.

Kim Lyions Bob Dutcher
Village Clerk Board Chairperson